DigitalMedia NVX Series

The only secure network AV solution

Best image quality. Infinitely scalable. No latency. Standard 1 Gigabit Ethernet. Network security. Web-based control and management. Flexible USB 2.0 routing. Encoder/Decoder all-in-one.

The DM NVX Difference

Engineered in the Crestron DigitalMedia Lab, dozens of world-class engineers invested hundreds of man-years to make DM NVX the gold standard for network AV. There’s simply nothing else like it.

DM NVX is the only secure network AV solution. Additionally, our exclusive, patent-pending technology eliminates the latency associated with network video. We have more people performing testing and quality assurance alone than other companies have on their entire engineering team.
Everything we’ve learned from testing and deploying DigitalMedia for the last decade has gone into making sure NVX is the best network AV solution right out of the gate.”
  Alex Peras
Technical Product Manager, DigitalMedia

Only DM NVX delivers...


Best image quality

DM NVX Series delivers a stunning 4K60, 4:4:4, and HDR video experience over a standard 1G Ethernet network with no latency. The HDR standard ensures the highest possible gamut of color and brightness for screen content.

Network security

Anything that goes on the network must be secure. Clients need to know who and what is on their network. Only DM NVX leverages 802.1x authentication, AES encryption, and Active Directory® to provide network security at the product level.


No latency

Typical network AV systems encode/decode and then scale sequentially, which results in additional latency. Patent pending Crestron technology simultaneously encodes/decodes and scales, eliminating any latency incurred in transmitting video over the network.

Infinitely scalable

DM NVX Series gives you an infinitely scalable software-defined matrix, from a simple point-to-point setup, to thousands of endpoints. All you need are DM NVX Encoders/Decoders connected on your network infrastructure.

The only platform that does it all

Only Crestron DigitalMedia gives you the ability to deliver field-proven standalone and hybrid solutions that mix 4K60 HDBaseT®, 4K60 fiber, H.264, and now DM NVX, all together on the platform you know and trust.

Easy to manage and deploy

Intelligent software residing in the DM NVX Series Encoder/Decoder boxes and cards makes it simple to configure, deploy, and manage entire systems from the web. Simply choose your sources and displays, and set bandwidth and latency to meet the needs of the application and infrastructure.