Crestron AirBoard™ Capture. Display. Share. Every Idea. Everywhere. AirBoard Whiteboard Capture System
        “We now get the best of both worlds … a computer and a whiteboard that can now be seen by everyone in and outside the room instead of just via the good seats."
        - Derek Rabuck, Rice University
        Student Participation

        AirBoard takes the connected classroom one step further. Professors can display AirBoard content on any projector screen around the largest lecture hall. Bringing the classroom to life with real time collaboration around the classroom, across campus and around the world. Every board can be saved and shared.

        Employee Collaboration

        AirBoard helps to facilitate Ideas in real time with real time results – across multiple offices, facilities, and users anywhere in the world

        Training Demonstration

        AirBoard is ideal for training multiple groups in multiple locations efficiently and effectively. Capture a dynamic Q&A session then share the output to everyone—simultaneously.

        Secure Information Dissemination

        AirBoard is the only enterprise-grade product that provides secure viewing of whiteboard information from every seat in the room and any remote viewing location.

        1. Begin Easily
        Any dry-erase board can become a connected whiteboard.
        Step 1. Simply attach camera arm above the board
        Step 2. Click and pair with the same user interface you use now
        No new tool or program needed
        2. Display Effortlessly
        AirBoard allows local and remote participants to view content on any room display, or remotely from any mobile device or laptop, via a web browser.
        3. Share Freely
        Send a snapshot to anyone via an email, or record your session to save and send.
        4. Collaborate Efficiently
        AirBoard is designed to allow for integration with the most popular project management and note taking tools. AirBoard uses standard file formats (.PNG for snapshot and PDF for a timeline) that can be shared in almost any software tool.
        5. Integrate Seamlessly
        AirBoard works natively out of the box with AirMedia through DGE-100 or AM-200, or AM-300. For one seamless wireless experience on just one platform.

        AirBoard Packages

        Choose. Build. Create your AirBoard Solution.


        Includes: AirBoard
        Best for: Small tutorials, trainings that are laptop centric and do not require integration with workplace technology or active learning, and connected classroom environments.


        Includes: AirBoard, AirMedia® 2.0 AM-200 or AM-300
        Best for: Groups working remotely. Allows a user to wirelessly present. Gives presenter more control to add viewers to a session, start and stop a session, email content and create a timeline of content captured.


        Includes: AirBoard, DGE-100
        Best for: Groups working remotely. Presenter has more control to add viewers to a session, start and stop a session, email content and create a timeline of content captured. Opportunity to add additional AirBoards or expand audiences.

        Unified Communications

        Includes: AirBoard, Flex Kit, AM-200 or AM-300
        Best for: Creating a customized and fully integrated room system. Integrates video conferencing and wireless presentation, with capturing, sharing and remote viewing of whiteboard sessions.





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