Crestron Control Systems

        Crestron control systems unify the disparate technologies in buildings so they can communicate and work together intelligently, which lowers costs and boosts efficiency. Their unique distributed architecture enables the multi-tasking essential to a complete building control solution. Up to 10 programs can operate independently and simultaneously, and rapidly communicate with each other. Code is organized into a few smaller programs rather than one large one, so programming, troubleshooting, and uploading are much faster and easier.


        Scalable control for any space

        From individual rooms with our MPC3 and RMC3 units, to floors or complex rooms with a PRO3 or CP3N, up to our Crestron Virtual Control platform for entire campuses or buildings, Crestron has the solution for you.


        • Compact wall-mount media and room control solution
        • Supports web configuration and dynamic drivers
        • Customizable backlit input buttons in capacitive and traditional options
        • Crestron XiO Cloud™ platform connected
        • Full network security protocols – 802.1X, AES, and Active Directory®


        • Scalable hardware supports a broad range of space types and architectures
        • One system runs multiple programs
        • SNMP and BACnet/IP to seamlessly communicate and integrate with IT, HVAC, BMS and security systems
        • Crestron XiO Cloud platform connected
        • Full network security protocols – 802.1X, AES, and Active Directory

        Crestron Virtual Control

        • Server software-based control platform
        • OpEx and CapEx pricing models available
        • Flexible: Supports configured and programmed spaces
        • Redundancy prevents down rooms
        • Simple to deploy, scale, and update
        • Load programs to server by type and assign control program onto each room as it’s brought online
        • Full network security protocols – 802.1X, AES, Active Directory


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