Campus Technology Design Center

        Basic Single Display Classroom


        Crestron has everything you need to teach, share, and propose ideas from a variety of sources in any room. With support for legacy analog sources and HD digital sources, EDU-1000 provides a highly flexible, cost-effective solution for small seminar rooms or typical lecture-style classrooms.

        Flexible Single Projection Classroom

        The flexible EDU-2000 builds on the benefits of the EDU-1000 with greater expandability. Ideal for traditional classrooms and lab spaces, it’s scalable to suit small (30) to large (300) numbers of students, with the selection of the proper display and audio accessories. The included speakers suit the 30-50 student range.

        Flexible Dual Projection Classroom

        The EDU-3000 includes all the benefits of the EDU-2000, plus even greater flexibility to meet the needs of traditional classrooms, active learning, and lab settings. It’s scalable to accommodate from 30 to 300 students, depending on the selected display and audio options. The transmitter gives instructor and students the ability to present remotely or connect remote equipment.

        Student Collaboration Workstation

        Ideal for libraries, learning commons, and spaces adjacent to classrooms, EDU-500 provides the ability to simultaneously share content from up to four student laptops on the room display. Easily flip between multi-view mode and viewing content from one laptop. For larger spaces, an optional DM receiver can be added.

        Small to Medium Meeting Room | 4 - 12 people

        Crestron does for meeting rooms what it does for classrooms. Based around Crestron Mercury®, the only open UC solution, the CE-1000 room solution delivers everything needed to call, present, and video conference using any service – Crestron doesn’t lock you into any one proprietary platform. Plus, the audio performance is engineered to the highest standards and cloud provisioning makes it easier to deploy and manage across the entire campus.

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