Sonos Beam™ soundbar

        Upgrade your clients’ TVs with Sonos’ smallest, most advanced soundbar. Beam features a compact and versatile design that makes it great for small to mid-sized rooms where space is at a premium. Place Beam on the TV stand or purchase the custom designed wall mount to easily and securely hang it. Beam is part of the Sonos® sound system, so you can easily add more speakers to fill every room with sound. Create a home theater system when you wirelessly connect a pair of rear speakers and a subwoofer.

        • Premium sound
          Full-range woofers and tweeters harmonize low and high frequencies
        • Speech enhancement
          Turn on the dialog clarity speech enhancement and never miss another word
        • Night sound
          Enjoy late night TV without ever waking the whole house
        • HDMI® ARC
          Instantly pair your remote and control your TV with voice
        • Amazon® Alexa™
          Use your voice to control Sonos

        Sonos is the world’s leading wireless home sound system. It fills every room in the home with high-quality streaming music, movies, and TV. Sonos streaming music players and wireless speakers fit cohesively with Crestron smart home solutions, allowing touch screen access to a wide variety of streaming music services, and enabling audiophile-quality wireless audio throughout the home. To simplify purchasing and integration of our combined powerhouse technologies, Crestron is proud to make the complete line of Sonos products available to Crestron dealers for purchase (in the United States only).

        Sonos Beam™ soundbar
        Now Available

        Horizon™ keypads paintable trims

        Crestron Horizon keypads feature a distinctively clean aesthetic appearance that can be customized to blend in or stand out in any décor. For a more bespoke appearance, the trim pieces may be replaced with our brand new custom paintable trims to either match the wall surface or complement other design elements in the room. The paintable trims are plastic textured to allow for a simple and stunning painted finish.

        Now Available
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        DM Lite

        DM Lite is a new ecosystem of simple, interchangeable 4K video extender products ideal for basic point-to-point and small auto-switching applications. They deliver a winning combination of low cost, high performance, flexible form factor, and wide selection. They’re perfect products to keep in stock and roll out for quick installations.

        Available September 1st
        HDMI over CATx Transmitter & 3x1 Auto-Switcher – Surface Mount
        Available September 1st
        HDMI over CATx Transmitter & 2x1 Auto-Switcher, Wall Plate, Black
        Available September 1st
        HDMI over CATx Transmitter & 2x1 Auto-Switcher – Wall Plate, White
        Available September 1st
        HDMI over CATx Transmitter & 2x1 Auto-Switcher – Surface Mount

        Crestron Pyng® OS 2: The operating system of the world’s smartest homes

        Available: September 14th via the Crestron CP3-R and coming soon to the Crestron Pyng Hub

        Crestron Pyng OS 2 powers setup and deployment of the renowned Crestron smart home experience. You can deliver complete customized automation and control of your clients’ homes, including video, at incredible speed. Here’s what’s new in OS 2:

        Video routing 
        Crestron Pyng OS 2 supports integration of video control and DigitalMedia™ products:  

        • Deliver 4K60 4:4:4 HDR content over HDBaseT® connectivity using DM®, DM NVX, and new DM 4KZ products or simply route from several sources plugged into an AV receiver.
        • Easily route from the Crestron Pyng app: select inputs and outputs, and then test live 
        • Easily route video from any UI: touch screens, devices running iOS® or Android™ operating systems, Crestron remotes, and even keypads 
        • Minimize DM and DM NVX configuration by letting Crestron Pyng set up all the mundane elements such as IP tables and basic settings  

        Video control and source routing
        Crestron Pyng OS 2 brings unprecedented ease to video control and source routing:  

        • Support for thousands of third-party devices, including Apple TV®, Blu-ray® players, displays, projectors, and AV receivers 
        • Defining AV connections is so simple you can’t possibly mess it up; it’s the same process regardless of the technology 
        • Automatically detects many devices on the network and presets the available connections 
        • Even for the largest of systems, you can’t get lost with the new hyperlink feature. You can jump around from device to device and all changes are made live; simply make the change and test.  

        Crestron Pyng OS 2 expands access to third-party device drivers, behind-the-scenes from the Cloud or via download:  

        • Support for everything from IP and IR, to RS-232 and even CEC, right out of the box 
        • Easy and reliable CEC control without messy IR probes 
        • Device drivers are downloaded behind-the-scenes from myCrestron; or directly load them yourself into the Crestron Pyng system 
        • IP control for popular brands such as LG, Samsung, Sony and more 
        • Create your own compatible IR drivers using the standard Creston IR learner 
        • Create your own compatible IP or RS-232 drivers using the Crestron Certified Driver SDK

        TV presets 
        Brand-new TV presets experience for easy access to all TV channels, radio stations, movies, and music; we’ve done it all for you on everything from touch screens and remotes, to mobile devices 

        • Brand-new TV presets experience; we’ve done it all for you on everything from touch screens and remotes, to mobile devices 
        • Automatically pull station metadata, icons, and guide information based on zip/post code and provider 
        • Uses Crestron Cloud engine to automatically pull metadata, icons, and guide – even what’s playing now and next – based on zip/post code and provider 
        • Automatically updates the system – no service calls 
        • User profiles enable homeowners to customize without the need for a programmer 
        • Free service for all Crestron customers  
        myCrestron Favorites 
        Homeowners can now add, change, and remove favorite channels, and each user can have their own profile with their own set of favorites. This allows family members to save and access their own TV favorites; they simply select their profile and everything appears in an instant. 

        New remotes 
        The amazing Crestron HR-310 and TSR-310 handheld remotes are now available in Crestron Pyng OS 2:  

        • Create customizations such as source selection, triggered scenes, and quick actions 
        • Order engravings directly from the app! 
        • Faster testing and deployment: press a button to which you assigned a source and it shows on the TV instantly – no intermediate steps needed  

        Audio grouping (video grouping coming soon)
        With Crestron Pyng OS 2 you can easily group audio and video across the home to create the perfect space to entertain: 

        • Watch the game in the living room and have the game audio play in the kitchen at the same time, so you don’t miss a second of action
        • Support for both audio and video in Groups 
        • Grouping with video now acts more like Sonos® audio grouping, so it’s already familiar to homeowners  

        Support for all Sonos® devices
        Crestron Pyng OS 2 gives homeowners even more control of their Sonos sound systems: 

        • Supports all Sonos speakers including the Play ONE, Play:5, Playbar and even the Connect:Amp in addition to the Connect 
        • Instant recognition and control of Sonos products as sources 
        • Recognizes Sonos as “room,” i.e. Sonos speaker(s) in a room
        • Choose content from that speaker in the room, instead of from a centralized source

        Crestron CP3-R with Crestron Pyng OS2 Built in

        The Crestron Pyng CP3-R is an enterprise-class control system for residential applications with the latest Crestron Pyng OS 2 updates built in. The CP3-R forms the core of any modern networked home, managing and integrating all the disparate technologies throughout.

        • Professional rack-mounted form factor
        • Pairs perfectly with centralized AV rack
        • Full complement of the IO needed for these types of systems
        • Same CPU as a CP3 with twice the RAM
        Crestron CP3-R with Crestron Pyng OS2 Built in
        Available September 14th

        New Shading Fabric Book

        Be among the first to get your hands on this stunning new book, which includes:

        • More fabrics and updated designs to match the most recent trends
        • A beautiful faux leather carry bag for easy transportation to client sites. It has a space to slide the Horizontal Sheers fabric book inside, as well as other demo products such as remotes or Horizon keypads.
        • Discrete binders for Designer/Heritage/and Horizontal Sheers, and a new window cling to allow you to test the memo samples in the prospective window.
        • The ability to more easily integrate future updates – add and remove pages at speed!
        New Shading Fabric Book
        Available September 28th