Exciting New Crestron Home OS 3 Updates


        We continue to make significant updates to Crestron Home OS 3 each month. Check out all of the exciting new features we’ve recently released:

        • Smart TV support
          Including direct access to streaming services, such as Netflix® and Hulu®, from our mobile app, touch screens, and remotes.
        • Enhanced UX for control of garage doors, gates, and door locks
          Individual control or scene/group control
        • CEN-IO-COM/RY/IR
          Now you can control third-party wired devices with OS 3
        • DM-MD6X6 and DM-MD6X4
          Integrate and control traditional DigitalMedia™ distribution systems
        • Universal distribution amplifier
          Integrate audio and video DAs
        • DIN-2LEDPWM8
          Control dimming and switching of RGB and tuneable white lights
        • Horizon™ EX dimmers and keypads
          Our beautiful and multi-functional Horizon dimmers and keypads are now available in wireless models. Get the same modern look, customization, and functionality without the control wires.
        • Google Assistant™ for lighting control
          Crestron Home now supports Google Assistant to control lighting in the home

        Visit the Crestron Home Dealer Portal for all the latest brochures, UI screenshots, lifestyle images, logos, and icons.

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        Apple integration with Crestron Home™ Software


        • IP control of Apple TV® from any user interface, including the TSR-310, Crestron touch screens, and mobile devices
        • Siri® voice control of Apple TV through the TSR-310 is coming soon with the future Apple update to tvOS.

        Visit the partner page for all technical information, and to learn more about what this powerful partnership can do for you and your clients.

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        Security Camera Support in Crestron Home OS 3


        Crestron Home OS 3 will offer easy access to ONVIF-compliant security cameras from a convenient list.

        Lutron® Lighting Control Integrated with Crestron Home OS 3


        Crestron Home OS 3 provides the most modern and beautiful UI. It delivers the speed and simplicity you want, and the responsive, intuitive experience your clients demand. Control home entertainment, thermostats, shades, and lighting – and now including support for Lutron products – all from the same app. Yes, Crestron Home OS 3 now supports control of Lutron lighting and shading just as effortlessly as any other device.

        • Seamless integration of RA2 Select and HomeWorks QSX* into the Crestron Home user experience
        • Auto-discovery of rooms and keypad button. Then Crestron Home can remotely “press” any button on those keypads to trigger Lutron lighting and shading scenes.
        • Remote button presses from Crestron Home UI

        *RA2 Select available 12/15. HomeWorks QSX coming soon.

        Distribute local room sources throughout the home with Crestron Home OS 3


        Easily route local sources, such as game console or Blu-ray™ players, back to the headend for distribution throughout the house. Crestron Home OS 3 will support the DM-TX-4K-100-C-1G standard 1-gang wall mount DM® transmitter, which easily installs in convenient locations and complements other wall plates.


        Crestron Home rapidly expands – now adding dimmer modules


        Our fluorescent and universal 277 volt dimming modules, perfect for larger home installations, will be fully integrated into Crestron Home OS 3 later this month.

        8 Channel 0-10V Dimmer Module, 2 Feeds, 277V

        Provides eight channels of dimming for 277 Volt residential and commercial lighting applications. Supports 0-10 Volt dimmable fluorescent ballasts and LED drivers.

        8 Channel Universal Dimmer Module, 2 Feeds, 277V

        Provides eight channels of technologically advanced universal dimming for 277 Volt commercial lighting applications. Supports LED, incandescent, magnetic low-voltage, electronic low-voltage, and 2-wire dimmable fluorescent lighting loads.


        Wireless Horizon™ EX Dimmers and Keypads – Matching Dimmers and Keypads with Backlit Buttons!


        Crestron Horizon EX Dimmers and Keypads are stylish wall-box controllers with matching dimmers and keypads. Horizon facilitates a consistent elegant look throughout the home, a critical feature for high-end residential projects often not available from other vendors. You cannot tell the difference between dimmers and keypads – for the first time ever, even our dimmers have backlit buttons! Horizon EX universal dimmers are not only beautiful, but also powerful. There is no minimum load requirement and they offer more reliable LED dimming. Available in black, white, and almond with a multitude of backlight color options, Horizon EX dimmers and keypads can be configured in 1,2, 3 or 4 gang boxes. (Faceplates sold separately)

        Now Available
        600W universal dimmer
        Now Available
        750W forward phase dimmer
        Now Available
        10A 0-10V dimmer
        Now Available
        10A switch
        Now Available
        Wireless keypad
        Now Available
        Remote dimmer/switch

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        High-performance – Smaller profile – Low Cost
        New Crestron Home control system for small to mid-sized homes


        A secure, high-performance, surface or rackmountable 4-Series control system for Crestron Home OS 3. MC4-R packs dazzling performance in a smaller form factor and lower price mid-sized homes where the CP4-R is more than you need. Simply install the MC4-R behind the TV and use HR-310 or TSR-310 remotes to control home entertainment, lighting, shades, and climate. Capable of controlling hundreds of devices, the new MC4-R is powered over Ethernet (PoE) and features a full complement of control ports. The MC4-R also features a built-in wireless gateway. For MDU applications, use an MC4-R in each unit and offer owners an easy upgrade path with infiNET EX®.

        Available February 1st
        4-Series Media Room Controller for Crestron Home OS 3
        Available February 1st
        4‑Series Media Room Controller for Crestron Home OS™ with HR‑310
        Available February 1st
        4‑Series Media Room Controller for Crestron Home OS™ with HR‑310‑I
        Available February 1st
        4‑Series Media Room Controller for Crestron Home OS™ with TSR‑310