Crestron Home – The evolution continues


        The Crestron Home™ operating system delivers a stunning new high-performance user interface for mobile devices and Crestron TSW touch screens. It enables you to set up and deploy complete smart homes on any scale in a fraction of the time of traditional methods, with no programming needed, and now with the best user interface.

        Apply to Join the Crestron Home OS 3 BETA Program
        Crestron Home OS 3 is one of our most anticipated product launches ever. You can help us make it the best it can possibly be by sharing your skills and expertise during the final stages of development.

        Apply to join the Crestron Home OS 3 BETA Program and collaborate directly with our engineering team. Get all the details on the brand-new Crestron Home OS 3 BETA Forum website.

        Requirements to apply

        • You must own and be running a CP4-R
        • You must be willing to provide us with the MAC address
        • The CP4-R must be claimed via

        Note: If you haven’t installed a CP4-R in your residence yet, please contact your RSM to discuss the order.

        New brochure shows the beautiful OS 3 experience!
        Crestron Home App Quick Start Guide

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        Only the partnership of two leading innovators could produce a user experience like this


        Available now via SIMPL Windows® software for 3-Series® control systems, Apple TV®, Siri®, and HomeKit™ technologies now integrate flawlessly with Crestron systems. This gives you the power to take your clients’ user experience and lifestyle to new heights with:

        • IP Control: Browse Apple TV content with lightning-fast IP control via the TSR-310 touch screen remote
        • Voice Control via Siri: Have Siri find specific content with a simple press of the MIC button on the TSR-310 and voice command

        • And, coming soon to the Crestron Home™ operating system:

        • IP control of Apple TV and voice control through Siri via the TSR-310 in Crestron Home
        • IP control of Apple TV from any user interface, including the TSR-310, Crestron touch screens, and mobile devices

        Visit the partner page for all technical information, and to learn more about what this powerful partnership can do for you and your clients.

        NEW! CP4-R: Revolutionary 4-Series control system

        NOW SHIPPING: Order your CP4-R NOW and make sure your clients are OS 3-ready!

        The new CP4-R is the fastest and most powerful control system we’ve ever built. Our first 4-Series product, it provides the ultimate “central brain” to the Crestron Home operating system with incredible performance enhancements.   

        • Multicore CPU – at least 4X the speed of the CP3-R
        • Double the RAM of the CP3-R – supports larger systems
        • Runs Crestron Pyng® OS 2 today!
        • Built to support Crestron Home OS 3 (coming soon – visit
        Now Shipping
        4-Series Control Processor for Crestron Pyng® OS 2

        Upgrades available!

        The Crestron Pyng Hub to CP4-R upgrade is still available. For other upgrade programs, speak to your RSM.

        COMING SOON - BACnet integration for Crestron Home including special partnership with CoolAutomation


        Native BACnet thermostats will now be built right into the Crestron Home operating system (OS 3 only), providing complete HVAC control of advanced air conditioning systems. The integration will provide the ability to customize the BACnet objects in the Crestron Home app to match your particular installation and will provide the homeowner with the same OS 3 climate experience they know and love.

        This solution is also ideal for MDUs where there is a centralized BACnet controlled HVAC system. It allows mass-deployment of hundreds or thousands of MDU units by pushing out configuration data to the cloud instead of manually commissioning one by one, all done by using the MyCrestron deploy code concept to deploy multiple units from one configuration

        Special partnership with CoolAutomation

        In the development of the BACnet integration, we’ve worked closely with CoolAutomation. Their ethos has always been that integration for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning shouldn’t be complicated or burdensome. Instead, the process should be simple, seamless, and intuitive, both for the user as well as the installer, and should provide significant benefits to both.

        Now Crestron and CoolAutomation have partnered to make that vision a reality, with simple-to-install hardware integration with the Crestron Home operating system. The solution is implemented through the CoolMasterNet HVAC home automation bridge and Crestron Home, providing a true plug-and-play solution that ensures seamless integration of HVAC units from major companies such as:

        • Mitsubishi
        • Toshiba
        • Samsung
        • Daikin
        • Hitachi

        • CoolAutomation solutions are easy to install and, once connected, will be ready for simple integration into Crestron Home.

          Supported CoolAutomation products:

        • CoolMasterNet
        • CoolPlug + CooLinkHub
        • CooLinkBridge

        • More details on how to purchase, along with technical instructions, will be available at launch.

        Important Crestron and Nest Announcement

        Google owned entity Nest has retired its third-party integration of “Works with Nest.” On May 16th, Google clarified their process and plans:

        • Any existing devices and integrations will continue working with your client’s Nest Account; however they won’t have access to new features that will be available with a Google Account.
        • Google will stop accepting new WWN connections on August 31, 2019. Once your clients WWN functionality is available on the WWGA platform you can migrate with minimal disruption from a Nest Account to a Google Account.

        Nest customers have been notified individually and Crestron is currently working with the developers at Google to provide integration via the Works with Google Assistant. As long as customers do not migrate their Nest accounts, existing Nest installations will keep working. We strongly advise you to contact your clients and advise them to not migrate to WWGA. Please visit Crestron Online Help answer ID 1000381 for the latest updates.

        This is also a good opportunity to remind you that Crestron makes an array of the most reliable and flexible thermostats and remote sensors in the industry. Designed with the professional installer in mind, they are built to work perfectly with a full Crestron solution.