Network security is more important than ever


        Home network security is a must for any client and they expect you to ensure it. We’ve made it easy for you to do that with our fully updated Security Reference Guide, which details the very latest home security best practices. Please be sure to download and read it now.

        myCrestron Crestron Home™ Configurator Updates


        • Order engravings online: Order keypad engravings made on myCrestron Crestron Home Configurator directly from the web!
        • Enhanced load assignments workflow: Easier ways to manage assigning loads to the modules
        • Bill of materials report: View and export Bill of Materials of the Crestron Home configuration

        Crestron Home – May Updates


        More Crestron Home Features:

        • Audio interrupts and sounds files from touch screens: Audio automatically mutes when a doorbell rings, plus a variety of sounds can play based on an event, such as when a sensor is triggered or a doorbell rings.
        • DALI® lighting control integration: Use the DALI Commissioning Tool to auto-discover DIN-DALI-2 devices and DALI lighting groups.
        • Hide subsystems on touch screens: In advanced settings, select which subsystem(s) to hide on individual touch screens. For example, hide “video” from the kids’ rooms.
        • New keypad button models: We are adding press-and-hold and ceiling fan button models.

        More devices support by Crestron Home:
        • Seamless Lutron® products integration: Auto-discover, configure, and control Lutron HomeWorks® QS and Radio-RA2® devices just like Crestron devices.
        • Great audio upgrade opportunities: CNX-BIPAD8, CNX-PAD8A, and bussing on C2N-AMP-6x100 and C2N-AMP-4x100.
        • More cameras certified: Crestron has added many more cameras to the “Works with Crestron Home” list. Plus, Crestron Home now supports PTZ control for cameras that offer it.

        Apple® HomeKit® software integration with Crestron Home™ software


        • IP control of Apple TV® digital media extender from any user interface, including the TSR-310, Crestron touch screens, and mobile devices.
        • Siri® voice control of Apple TV through the TSR-310 is coming soon.

        Visit the Apple partner page for all technical information, and to learn more about what this powerful partnership can do for you and your clients.

        Cameo® Universal Wireless Dimmers – Smart, beautiful, and lower cost


        All new universal wireless dimmers feature Cameo designer style and colors, reliable inifiNET EX® wireless mesh communication, and customized button layouts and engraving. CLW‑DIMUEX dimmers auto detect load types, including LED, incandescent, magnetic low voltage, electronic low voltage, and the proper dimming method. These 600W/120VAC universal dimmers are feature-rich with advanced flicker reduction for LED loads, customizable dim curves, and robust protection against miswiring, short circuits, and MLV saturation. CLW-DIMUEX dimmers work natively with the Crestron Home™ app and are well priced.