All-new HR-310 remote

        The amazing HR-310 is the first of our two new Crestron handheld remotes. It’s now shipping, so you can get it into your clients’ hands right now!

        The HR-310 brings control to a luxurious new level. It combines all the best elements of our previous generation with even more functionality, superb ergonomic design for hours of comfortable use, incredible button feel, voice control, custom engravable buttons, and much more. It certainly is a remote worth fighting over!
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        Now Available
        An elegant, ergonomic, and rugged handheld remote with backlit buttons and infiNET EX® RF wireless technology. Nine of its buttons can be custom labeled and assigned to any function. Movement sensing wakes the remote the instant it’s picked up so it’s always ready to use.

        Updated Crestron Engraver software - HR-310 buttons and bezel

        Our most recent update to the Crestron Engraver software not only includes the ability to engrave the top nine buttons, but also label the bezel of the remote. For example, you can label based on room name – never pick up the wrong remote again!

        When you order an engraving through Crestron Engraver the price covers all nine buttons, the bezel engraving, and a brand-new button replacement kit, all for one price! Customize your clients’ remotes, and give them the best possible Crestron experience!

        Now Available

        Updated Crestron Design Tool

        We recently launched an updated version of the Crestron Design Tool. If you’re providing Cresnet® shades or draperies, you can now specify the Cresnet ID. This can save a tremendous amount of time on the jobsite. If all of your Cresnet IDs are set by the factory, you can have your program running at the jobsite and literally plug the shades in and they will automatically start working.

        Now Available

        Cable Guided Shades

        The CS-SHADE-ROLLER-CABLEGUIDED shade kit enables a shade to be mounted on a window at up to a 20-degree angle. It works with any Crestron QMT5 Series Architectural or Décor Series Hardware and can be installed on a wall, window jamb, or ceiling. Shades up to approximately 10'x10' will be supported.

        Latest Crestron Pyng® enhancements

        • Support for new Horizontal Sheers
        • Significant speed improvements especially when recalling large lighting scenes.

        Software Update
        Available February 16th

        Crestron Studio Update

        • Legacy audio device support – A fantastic addition, you can now pre-program older systems in Crestron Studio when upgrading hardware. The first step is support for legacy audio devices, starting with PAD8. You can now, therefore, upgrade existing older jobs with our new touch screens or DigitalMedia™, for example, and not have to go back and use SIMPL Windows.
        • DM® NVX support – DM NVX network AV is now handled in Crestron Studio very much like with DM XiO™ Director, meaning you can program it like a traditional matrix switcher with up to 32 inputs and outputs. Crestron Studio generates source selection pages and multi-room control pages like it has for DM switchers, but now also does the same for DM NVX switching. The end user will enjoy the same experience on the touch screens.
        • HR-310 support – Now, you get the same programming model you already know from the HR-150. All buttons get default commands, per source, and per room control of Volume, Mute, and Power are also preconfigured. Additionally, you can now alter any command on any button.

        Software Update
        Available February 9th

        Smart Graphics® update and module for SIMPL users – TV presets – Cloud service and new UX

        • TV preset Smart Graphics update – Based on the area and provider, you will have the ability to automatically pull station metadata, icons, and guide information.
        • Live guide data – Shows what is on now and up next. Icons and stations change if the providers change.
        • Easy configuration – Just enter zip code and provider and then Crestron cloud services do the rest. No recompiles, no XML file editing like you have to do today!
        • End user customization – End user can add, change, and remove all presets. They can also have profiles that include their own list of stations. *The myCrestron Cloud Service engine makes this all possible*

        Available February 16th

        DM 4KZ

        Crestron DigitalMedia™ was the first to bring you 4K60 over HDBaseT. Now DM is the first to bring you 4K60 4:4:4 and HDR over HDBaseT. Use the same DM switcher chassis and same DM cabling, only now we have new 4KZ input and output cards, transmitters and receivers. It’s the perfect upgrade solution!

        Available March 1st
        4KZ HDMI input card for DM switchers
        Available March 1st
        4KZ HDMI input card with downmixing for DM switchers
        Available March 1st
        4KZ HDMI output card for DM switchers
        Available March 1st
        4KZ DigitalMedia receiver and room controller

        TSR-310 Touch Screen Handheld Remote

        The second of our new handheld remotes, the beautiful TSR-310 is our most advanced wireless touch screen controller yet. Like the HR-310, it features superior ergonomic design and incredible button feel, then adds a built-in 3" touch screen display with stunning resolution, a rechargeable battery that lasts 3 – 4 days between charges, incredible processing power, Wi-Fi® for high-bandwidth communications, voice control, and an elegant, discreet charging station. You’ll want to get these into your clients’ hands!
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        Available March 14th
        An elegant, ergonomic, and rugged handheld remote with 3” color touch screen, backlit buttons, voice control capability, and Wi-Fi® wireless communications. Movement sensing wakes the remote the instant it’s picked up so it’s always ready to use.

        Crestron Pyng – with video

        The upcoming release of the Crestron Pyng platform will support integration of video control and all the benefits of DigitalMedia, in particular. The update represents a quantum leap forward, making it simple to configure and control the full Crestron smart home experience – control of lights, shades, audio, door locks, security systems, thermostats, and now video. Here’s what to expect at launch:

        1. Remotes
        2. Display and source control
        3. Video routing via DM or DM NVX
        4. Audio and video grouping + TV presets
        5. Drivers come from the Cloud
        Crestron Pyng
        Coming Soon