Technical Support News

        No one in the industry goes further than Crestron. That’s why we’re excited to announce a whole new warranty program. It’s simple.

        Effective October 1, if your product stops working and is in its warranty period, we will ship you a replacement within three days. Anywhere in the world. One phone call. No forms. No long waits. No repairing. Simply put, it’s our best warranty program and the best in the industry.

        To learn more about our new warranty program, please click here to see Crestron’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale and Standard Limited Warranty.

        Third-Generation DM NVX


        The third-generation of DM NVX® AV-over-IP products continue to evolve and support the latest video technologies. These encoders and scaling decoders feature a thinner profile and now support POE+. Our new DM-NVX-360 and DM-NVX-363 are designed for quiet spaces such as master bedrooms, so the fan turns off when not streaming.

        These devices support HDR10+ and Dolby Vision for an incredibly lifelike video experience. Crestron’s Pixel Perfect Processing technology ensures that every image, dynamic or static, is as good as the source in stunning 4K quality.

        In addition, you can send any audio anywhere over the network using AES67 or native Dante®. It seamlessly integrates audio from existing DM NVX products and ensures interoperability with thousands of third-party products, including amplifiers and DSPs.

        Crestron Home automatically discovers these endpoints on the network without any manual configuration, ensuring the easiest and fastest deployment.

        Now Available
        DM NVX® 4K60 4:4:4 HDR Network AV Encoder/Decoder
        Now Available
        DM NVX® 4K60 4:4:4 HDR Network AV Encoder/Decoder with Downmixing and Dante® Audio
        Now Available
        DM NVX® 4K60 4:4:4 HDR Network AV Encoder/Decoder Card
        Now Available
        DM NVX® 4K60 4:4:4 HDR Network AV Encoder/Decoder Card with Downmixing and Dante® Audio

        40% discount on residential speakers

        AVAILABLE: OCTOBER 1st – DECEMBER 31st, 2020

        For a limited time only, get 40% off dealer price for Aspire, Essence, Excite, and Air speakers when you purchase a qualifying Crestron amplifier*. The speakers must appear on the same purchase order as the amplifier and use the promotion code: AMP40SPKR (and the Crestron Quote number if applicable) to ensure you receive this generous discount.

        Don’t miss out. Order today!

        *SWAMP(I)-24X8, SWAMP(I)E-4, SWAMP(I)E-8, C2N(I)-AMP4X100, C2N(I)-AMP6X100, AMP-X50MP or AMP-X300.

        Crestron Home version 3.2


        Crestron Home Extensions

        Crestron Home now gives our partners more ways to extend the Crestron Home experience. Crestron Home Extensions enable driver development for virtually any device type not yet native to the Crestron Certified Driver program, such as smart appliances, irrigation systems, power controllers, weather stations, and more. These Extensions embed a custom-designed graphical interface into the native Crestron Home app on mobile devices and touch screens.

        Crestron now supports the Home Connect™ control platform for BSH smart appliance brands such as Neff and Bosch. Now you can view the status and control coffee makers and, eventually, all your smart appliances.

        Tile-based – Crestron Home Extensions can appear as tiles in rooms, at the Home level, or both. Tapping on an Extension tile can toggle the device between states.

        Status Updates – Tiles can updated based on device status and can show icons, text, and busy-state animation

        Built from a common UI library – Crestron Home provides Extensions with a common set of components that can be used to build the UI, ensuring a consistent look and feel with the rest of the Crestron Home experience. Extension developers can choose the elements they want – buttons, sliders, text boxes, rotary gauges and more – and Crestron Home takes care of the visual layout for devices or all sizes and orientations, and handles both light and dark modes.


        Modern development tools – Crestron Home 4-Series control systems enable you to use Microsoft Visual Studio® 2019 dev tools and services to develop Crestron Home Extensions.

        Modern SDK– A modern object model to expose device properties to Crestron Home. Use simple XML to define the UI.

        Write once, run anywhere – Extension UI language is used to create your custom experience once, then Crestron Home runs your design on TSWs, and iOS® and Android™ operating system devices.

        Support for Crestron Connected Keypads

        Crestron Connected Keypads provide you and your clients with a variety of styles and designs to choose from, and these are now supported in Crestron Home! These keypads are available from the following partners:

            • Basalte
            • Black Nova
            • Eutech
            • Vitrea

        Security system improvements

        Crestron Home now supports Certified Drivers for security systems, which means support for new models can be added without updating the Crestron Home operating system. Drivers are now deployed from the cloud, or you can side-load your own drivers.

        We also improved the end user experience for security systems. Crestron Home now plays tones to draw attention and flip to disarm on TSW touch screens. And for supported security systems, you can use the security features already built into your phone, such as Touch ID or Face ID, to allow the app to enter the PIN code of your security system behind the scenes.

        Crestron Home Tech Support Update 


        We’re proud to announce that Crestron Home has a new dedicated technical support line. When calling Crestron support, “Press 1 for technical support” as you normally would, and then “Press 3 for Crestron Home.”

        Wait times should be shorter and dedicated True Blue Support team members are available to answer questions or troubleshoot issues.

        Even better, there’s also a new option to request a call back rather than waiting at all.

        Crestron Home Configurator continues to add exciting features


        The Crestron Home Configurator continues to evolve each month. Soon, it will be even easier to configure Crestron Home lighting systems before installing any equipment.

        Keypad actions and report
        To save you time on site, we have made it possible to assign lighting-related actions to the keypads during pre-configuration. Elevate your Crestron Home designs with these intuitive action configurations. You can verify your action configuration via an easy-to-see report.

        Crestron Home version 3.3


        Additional devices and improvements in every release

        With every release, we provide valuable improvements and device support to make Crestron Home that much more compelling.

        Improvements coming in version 3.3 include:

        Enhanced Lutron Integration

        Crestron Home has extensive and deep integration with many different Lutron systems including HomeWorks QS, QSX, and RadioRA2. Version 3.3 includes an important enhancement.

        Individual Load Control
        Now control each individual shade and lighting load. Homeowners can now adjust light levels with a slider in real time, providing the same great experience form the Crestron Home App.

        Crestron Home Setup App for PC and Mac

        The Crestron Home Setup App will soon be available for PC and Mac. With all major browsers removing support for Adobe Flash by December 2020, Crestron wanted to ensure you could continue to use your laptop to configure Crestron Home systems. And of course, you can continue to use the existing app on iPad tablets.

        These new apps will allow Crestron Home control systems to be discovered on the network, eliminating the need to remember the IP address to connect.

        The core functionality of the Crestron Home Setup app has not changed at all, so it will be quick and easy to get up to speed with this new workflow. Additionally, the apps support an address book so you can quickly connect to any site for changes and support