Crestron PinPoint

        Work smarter, faster, better ... saving millions

        Bottlenecks commuting to work are bad enough. Bottlenecks at work pile on more frustration and wasted time.

        10 minutes = $1.2 million

        Removing bottlenecks, facilitating workflow, optimizing resources

        Enabling employees to be as productive as possible is a constant struggle. But the answer is actually simple: remove all obstacles in their way. Now, there’s a solution that does exactly that.

        Having Crestron Fusion® enterprise management technology in the building and the Crestron PinPoint™ Mobile Appon your smart devices clears a path for you to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Interruptions are minimized; It’s like having a personal assistant at your side throughout the day.

        Technology that works the way you work

        The Crestron PinPoint Mobile App communicates with PinPoint Proximity Detection Beacons in each space throughout the organization – even open lounges and huddle spaces can be located and reserved. True to its name, the PinPoint app can direct you to the right type of room for your meeting, with pinpoint precision. Once you’re in the room you can instantly share content from your smartphone of or tablet.

        Proximity Room Booking

        • See available rooms near you at all times, greatly reducing the pain of scrolling through every room in the directory

        • Instantly book rooms wherever you are with the "Find a Space" feature, facilitating impromptu team meetings

         Advanced Room Search

        • Use contextual filters to find the right room with the right tools for your meeting, wherever you are, e.g. a videoconference room for ten people, or a huddle room for four with wireless presentation capabilities

        • Quickly view "Favorites" and perform tagged searches

        • "Tagging" enables you to save criteria from previous room searches for recurring meeting types

        Room Preview and Wayfinding

        • Get information about rooms that helps you prepare and find your next meeting. No more surprises.

          • Location of room in floor plan

          • Photos of the inside and outside

          • Room type, size, and features/capabilities

        User Experience & Automation

        • See a personalized welcome message confirming you're in the right room

        • Enter the room and instantly share content from your mobile device on the room display

        • When you leave, the room knows it’s vacant, and everything automatically turns off

        "My Day" Dashboard

        • View your daily schedule including number of meetings and total hours committed to meetings

        • Receive a "Conflict Notice" when you’re double-booked

        • Receive a "Back-to-Back Notice" when you schedule one meeting immediately after another

        • View a real-time countdown of your current meeting and countdown to your next meeting



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