Crestron Home powered by OS 3 – The evolution continues

        COMING SUMMER 2019

        Crestron Home, powered by OS 3, delivers a stunning new high-performance user interface for mobile devices and Crestron TSW touch screens. 

        OS 3 enables you to set up and deploy complete smart homes on any scale in a fraction of the time of traditional methods, with no programming needed, and now with the best user interface.

        New and updated brochures show the beautiful OS 3 experience!
        Guide to Keypads,
        Touch Screens, and Remotes
        Crestron Home

        NEW! CP4-R: Revolutionary 4-Series control system

        NOW SHIPPING: Order your CP4-R NOW and make sure your clients are OS 3-ready!

        The new CP4-R is the fastest and most powerful control system we’ve ever built. Our first 4-Series product, it provides the ultimate “central brain” to the Crestron Home operating system with incredible performance enhancements.

        • Multicore CPU – at least 4X the speed of the CP3-R
        • Double the RAM of the CP3-R – supports larger systems
        • Runs Crestron Pyng® OS 2 today!
        • Built to support Crestron Home OS 3 (coming soon – visit
        Now Shipping
        4-Series Control Processor for Crestron Pyng® OS 2

        Upgrades available!

        The Crestron Pyng Hub to CP4-R upgrade is still available. For other upgrade programs, speak to your RSM.

        Provide better service. Improve efficiency. Reduce costs.


        With best-in-class remote monitoring and management software from Domotz, you can stay on top of your customers’ systems from anywhere, anytime, while reducing support costs and improving efficiency. No complicated VPNs or ports to open. No need to roll trucks. It’s an absolute must-have for every Crestron residential project. 

        Even better, you can purchase Domotz just like any Crestron product, at the best possible pricing. And it counts toward PRP. 

        With Domotz you can remotely:
        • View all Crestron and third-party devices live on the network with one click
        • Monitor network performance in real-time
        • Receive customizable alerts
        • Make programming and configuration changes
        • Troubleshoot issues and preemptively resolve them
        • Power devices on/off and reboot
        • Perform maintenance and upgrades … and much more!

        Learn more

        Crestron Pyng® OS 2: Device Support & Maintenance Update


        Even while we’re preparing for the exciting OS 3 launch, we continue to support and improve OS 2. This new release provides seamless upgrade capabilities to the new CP4-R, additional product support, and more. 

        The CP3-R to CP4-R Deploy Code import feature now allows you easily take your CP3-R configuration and convert it to a CP4-R without losing any setup. The CP3-R configuration is backed up to the cloud, so the backup file can be uploaded to a CP4-R. 

        • Double power-off IR projectors
        • DIN-1TSTAT8
        • HD-XSP
        • TV presets with repeating numbers won’t skip a number

        infiNET EX®, wireless door sensor


        The Crestron Wireless door or window contact sensor transmits information on whether a door or window is open or closed. Using a magnetic switch the device transmits two different signals: CLOSED, when the magnet makes contact and OPEN, when the magnet breaks contact. This simple feedback of information has some great applications for residential projects such as:

        • Alerting your clients to any doors or windows that are open
        • Automatically have scenes triggered when doors open or close
        • Alerts control system that the window is open so it doesn’t allow shades to draw and possibly getting damaged
        • Plus many more

        And great news, Installation is easy. The quickest method is to surface mount with double sided adhesive provided, while an "invisible" look is achieved by drilling a hole in the top of the door (or door frame) and mounting the sensor in the opening with hardware provided.

        infiNET EX® Wireless Door Sensor-W
        infiNET EX® Wireless Door Sensor-B

        2 Channel RGBW LED Dimmer, DIN Rail Mount


        The Crestron DIN-2LEDPWM8 is a two-channel RGBW LED and LED strip dimmer. It uses PWM (pulse width modulation) frequency to provide flicker-free performance throughout the dimming range. The DIN-2LEDPWM8 lets you fully and accurately control the color and brightness of an LED or LED strip and fine-tune the color temperature (CCT) between warm and cool white.

        • Two independently powered and controlled LED dimming outputs
        • Each output controls one RGBW LED or LED strip or four independent LEDs or LED strips
        • Utilizes PWM (pulse width modulation) dimming technology for flicker-free dimming
        • Controls 12–24 VDC LEDs and LED strips
        • 100 W maximum input/output at 24 VDC @ 5A
        • 60W maximum input/output at 12 VDC @ 5A
        • Two Cresnet® control ports for integration with a Crestron® control system and daisy-chain wiring
        Now Available
        2 Channel RGBW LED Dimmer, DIN Rail Mount