FTP Servers

        All files on our FTP servers are for Authorized Crestron Dealers and Partners only.

        To login to our primary FTP server, you must be an Authorized Crestron Dealer or Partner and have an account on our website with your 7-digit Customer Number entered correctly. You may then log in using the same email address and password that you use to log in to our web site.

        For technical issue, comments or questions please contact True Blue Support.

        Tutorial movies for VTW, SmarTouch Wizard and STS ProEditor are available only on our DSG CD-Rom due to the size. Contact True Blue Support for more information.

        Primary FTP Server

        Software, firmware, IR Drivers, demo programs and more are available from our server. Although you can use Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer to access this FTP server, we recommend using a true FTP client. Visit the Web Tools section below for recommendations. Click on the link below to enter:

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