Crestron Shading Solutions

        Our integrated lighting control solutions include motorized shades - adding beauty, convenience, and comfort throughout the home. Featuring exclusive Quiet Motor Technology™, Crestron shades provide silent operation and convenient, one-touch control. What makes Digital QMT® shade motors, our exclusive motor technology, so unique is the brushless motor design. Brushes in DC motors wear over time, causing the motor to fail. Our new brushless motor provides greater reliability, much longer life, and ultra-quiet operation. Even better, automated shades lower utility bills and increase the home's value and security.

        New Horizontal Sheers

        An elegant Crestron® shading solution that features horizontal fabric vanes floating between two layers of sheer, knitted fabric. Wide selection of light filtering and room darkening fabrics. Digital QMT® motorized operation achieves silent operation, with the choice of Cresnet® wired or infiNET EX® wireless communications for control system integration. Manual option also available.

        Thanks to our exclusive new Color Match service, Crestron roller shades are now available in any color your customers desire. All you have to do is provide a Pantone® color code or a physical color sample and we’ll do the rest. It couldn’t be easier to offer shades that integrate perfectly into your customers’ design schemes. No other manufacturer offers this level of customization and flexibility – use it to drive your shade sales!
        Start using Crestron Color Match today

        The Crestron Color Match service is ready to go in the CDT for both motorized and manual roller shades. It is available in fabrics with openness factors of 1,3,5 and 10% as well as blackout shades.

        The best shades get even better

        Crestron Color Match allows you to offer customers the best performing, highest quality shades and unparalleled color customization. Start using this exciting new service to your advantage today. If you have any questions, please email us at

        Beauty That Lasts

        Crestron lighting control and motorized shading solutions deliver precise, quiet, one-touch control of electric and natural light for years. Our motors are subjected to rigorous testing at maximum torque. We meticulously monitor speed, torque, current, voltage, position and noise to ensure our motors maintain their specs.

        They can also be combined with our advanced entertainment, climate, and security controls, so you can control everything in your home anytime, anywhere, from elegant touch screens or your favorite smart devices.

        Window Treatment Types

        The perfect window treatments enhance the look and feel of any room. Custom Crestron automated window treatments are perfectly tailored to fit each window or set of windows in your home. Automating them means that you can quickly and quietly set the mood anytime, day or night, at the touch of a button. Whether you are looking for roller shades, Roman shades, skylights, drapery track or a combination, Crestron has every window treatment you need. Select one of the window treatment styles below to learn more.

        Crestron shades support both manual and motorized shading options for projects of any size

        Roller Shades
        Horizontal Sheers
        Roman Shades
        Drapery System

        Self-Service System Design and Quoting

        Crestron Design Tool for Shading Solutions

        The Crestron Design Tool (CDT) is a one-stop resource for all your Crestron Shading Solutions designing, quoting and ordering needs.

        • Web-based platform means it's always up-to-date

        • Access can be granted to multiple people within your company

        • Organize shades, logically, by rooms or floors

        • Generate quotes for a specific room, floor, or building

        • Quote and order individual portions of a project

        • Email quotes and other project related detail to anyone directly from the software

        • Create revisions within your project and easily perform side-by-side comparisons based on fabric selections, different sections of a project, etc.


        Ready to begin creating a quotation?

        Contact our shade experts at 855-53-SHADES or via email at for CDT access. Please contact our Technical Sales Team at and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions related to your project.

        Crestron Fabric Collections

        The Crestron shade fabric library is second to none, allowing you to deliver world-class shading solutions with unparalleled beauty and style. To ensure your customers find the perfect shades for every room our Shade Fabric Gallery provides an exclusive assortment of fashion-forward patterns and colors handpicked by interior designers.

        Fabric Attributes and Accessories

        Fabric selection is an essential part of window treatment design. Crestron offers more than 400 fabric selections to choose from, including transparent, translucent, and blackout materials. We offer a full complement of brackets and accessories for each window treatment type. Use this link to: Order Fabric Samples. Place Crestron Shade Fabric Binder orders with your local Crestron Market Development Manager. Find yours here.


        Transparent fabrics transmit light so that objects or images are seen through the weave of the fabric. These have an openness factor between 3-17%. 

        Benefits: Solar protection, natural light and glare control, and reduced solar heat gain.


        Translucent fabrics transmit diffused light and enhance privacy. The exterior view is only partially visible as silhouettes and shadows. These fabrics typically have an openness factor between 1-3%.

        Benefits: Solar protection, privacy, enhanced natural light filtration, and reduced solar heat gain.



        Blackout fabrics provide advanced light blockage and privacy. Use additional accessories to create a complete blackout solution and prevent light leak between the fabric and the jamb, and the hem bar and the sill. 

        Benefits: Ultimate light and glare control, complete privacy and a dramatic reduction in solar heat gain.

        Certified Environmentally Safe
        Look for this icon to select fabrics that have been certified to be safe and healthy for indoor environments. These fabrics comply with the LEED Green Building Rating System™.

        Look for this icon to select "green" fabrics that are PVC-free and can be 100% recycled for continued sustainability.

        Mold and Bacteria Resistant
        Look for this icon to select fabrics that have built-in protection to inhibit the growth of microbes that can cause stains, odors, and fabric deterioration.


        Look for this icon to select fabrics that contain no polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a known environmental and health hazard.


        Look for this icon to select fabrics that have been tested and certified to meet industry standards for hazardous lead or lead-based compounds.


        Fire Retardant
        Look for this icon to select fabrics that prevent or resist the spread of fire.


        Available Accessories


        Blackout Accessories

        Block out 100% of the light in windows by adding blackout accessories to your roller shades. Each is available in a variety of finishes to complement any décor.


        Manual Shades

        Keep the same look and feel on all your windows even if they are not all motorized. Many of Crestron's roller shade solutions are available in a manual, or clutch, operation.


        Concealed Pockets

        For a clean unobtrusive look, hide the rollers in a recessed pocket, hidden in the ceiling. Crestron has all the accessories you need to get the perfect look.


        Fascia/Top Back Cover

        For a more industrial, modern look or for instances where pockets can't be recessed, Crestron offers a selection of versatile on-wall fascias and top back covers for a clean, finished appearance.



        Shade motors require power; only Crestron offers a new Intelligent Power Supply, delivering several distinct advantages for shading professionals. It can power up to ten motorized shades, each with its own fuse. The power supply is designed to work with all Crestron shade motors and includes built-in diagnostics that make it simple for shading professionals to identify broken wires, shorts, and blown fuses.

        Need to power just one shade? Click here.

        • The integrated five-segment Cresnet® hub provides an isolated control network for each pair of shades, therefore limiting the impact of any wiring faults.
        • The power supply ships ready to mount on the wall or pre-installed in a 1x1 CAEN enclosure for easy, clean installation.
        • The convenient on-board push-button controls make it simpler for an installer or technician to test for proper operation prior to system commissioning.



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