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        Why customers choose XiO Cloud?


        Reduce installation time by up to 90%



        Securely update millions of devices worldwide from the comfort of your browser

        • Change setting once, update everywhere immediately
        • Firmware update everything at once – security fixes in minutes, not days
        • Audit logs of every change from the cloud – quickly identify problems and undo them, reducing diagnostic time and increasing uptime


        Be the first – and only one – to know when there’s a problem

        • View live status from millions of devices from anywhere at any time
        • Know any change on a device within seconds
        • Resolve events remotely
        • No extra tools to configure required


        Your people are your biggest investments. Make sure your spaces and technology are designed around them.
        • Interactive dashboards show how your spaces are actually used
        • Gather data with zero programming
        • Make your next technology investment confident it will support how your company works

        Supported Products

        XiO Cloud Service Tiers

        Pricing is per device and billed annually. An "average" room cost is provided for each tier to make quoting or budgeting easier. Simply choose the service tier you want, and all connected devices are supported on that tier.

        Everyone enjoys the first three months free at the Premium Tier.


        Device monitoring
        • 2 users
        • Connectivity status and monitoring
        • Role-based access control
        • Download full device inventory


        Universal configuration and management
        Everything on Free, plus:
        • Unlimited users
        • Unlimited firmware upgrades
        • Device license management
        • Manage device settings, programs, projects and more
        • Live device status
        • Full audit logs for all changes
        • Schedule device actions
        Average room cost assumes 3 network-connected devices in an average room


        Advanced analytics and incident response
        Everything on Standard, plus:
        • Interactive device usage dashboards
        • Automatic device log upload to the cloud (Coming soon)
        Average room cost assumes 3 network-connected devices in an average room


        Crestron products are manageable from the Cloud, on-premises, or on your desktop
        Manuals and Guides

        Built on the Microsoft® Azure® platform

        The only zero-touch cloud solution. Just connect devices to the network and XiO Cloud automatically and securely pushes all the settings to the device.

        XiO Cloud - AV Meets IoT